Adventists in developing countries lack job opportunities. We have the tools they need to build a fulfilled, sustainable life.

Digital evangelism training for underserved, vulnerable Adventist population.

Digital Evangelism Project

Every Adventist should have the opportunity to work for God, while still being able to provide for their family.

The Digital Evangelism Project gives Adventists in developing countries that opportunity.

Online Evangelism

With more than half of the world online, the internet has become the new mission field

Job Security

In this fast-paced, technological world, workers with online skills are more necessary than ever

Worship and Work

Adventist in developing countries no longer have to choose between making a livelihood and whorshipping God, they can do both.

Thousands of Adventists in developing countries are without jobs leaving them to feel unfulfilled and inadequate.

Everyone should have the opportunity to live a life of purpose—especially one that can support their family.


We are mission minded.

Like you, we want to make a difference in the world.

We have a burden for the unserved, vulnerable populations in developing countries

We are trained professionals and are able to train others about the world of online evangelism
We work with the General Conference and other Adventist ministries to help members evangelize online


Your donation not only means changing the life of one Adventist in a developing country, but every person that Adventist ever meets along the way.

1. Identify

We identify Adventists in need of education opportunities by partnering with other Adventist organizations. They provide the living necessities — we provide education for future possibilities.

2. Donate

You donate so these Adventists can be trained for better and meaningful work opportunities. They receive college-level education and real-life work experience.

3. Evangelize

Once trained, these Adventists can help the Gospel message reach the 5 billion people online, all from their homes. Our efforts can now go farther and higher with properly trained workers.


DEP can make a difference

Digital Evangelism Project is an online training program that empowers the underserved and vulnerable Adventist populations living in developing countries. The aim is to train these individuals in digital skills to help them gain financial independence. With this training, they will be able to find employment and ministry opportunities online.

This project is a long-term solution to help people out of poverty and crisis.